Banks iDash price point iDash® Digital Gauge

The most advanced digital
monitoring suite on the market!

» Real-time, dynamic data
» Easy touchscreen control
» Monitor Performance and Fuel Economy
» Reads and Clears Codes
» Now available with 4.3" screen
» Add EGT, Backup Camera, and more*

Banks iDash price point

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Banks iDash

Banks Power iDash

Banks iDash

The Banks Power iDash is About to Change How You Measure Performance

The ALL-NEW standalone vehicle monitor from Banks!

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Also available for use with the iDash:

AutoMind® Programmer

Works with the iDash to tune your vehicle’s fuel injection, ignition and transmission shift characteristics. This can deliver up to a 20-percent improvement in fuel economy for diesel pickups, and an increase…
Find out more »


Backup Camera

With the optional backup camera, you can see things that are out of view like small children or something left on the ground. Mount it to the back of your vehicle to help when backing into your garage, out of a…
Call for more details 800-601-8072


DynaFact® Thermocouple

Monitor the EGT of your vehicle with Banks DynaFact pyrometer probe. Plus, with all the features of the Banks iDash, this is the system to have. Don't guess — get the facts with DynaFact pyrometer gauges.…
Call for more details 800-601-8072

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