Size Matters 2 Epic Debut

Watch the official “Size Matters 2” video here!

Mike Ryan and Gale Banks Size Matters 2

Freightliner Trucks: Check!
Mike Ryan Motorsports: Check!
Banks Power: Check!
Drifting: Check!
Jumping: Check! Wait, what?

Watch the video and find out for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

Mike Ryan presents Size Matters 2 — a gymkhana styled video full of super-sized stunts and close quarters drifting action. Legendary stunt driver and Pikes Peak champion, Mike Ryan in the Banks Super-Turbo Castrol Freightliner, goes toe-to-toe with newcomer Daniel Leavitt on the docks of Long Beach harbor. Some of Hollywood’s top stunt drivers and coordinators came together to produce this top-notch action thriller, using the newest Mercedes ML 63 modified camera car with EDGE arm. Watch this Banks Powered beast get thrown around as if it’s a toy! Read more about Mike Ryan’s Banks Super-Turbo Freightliner here »

Here’s the official “Size Matters 2” video…

Did you miss the “behind-the-scenes” video? Watch it here…

Read more about Mike Ryan’s Banks Super-Turbo Freightliner here »

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