A Class of One

Four Wheeler December 1989

by Ken Von Helmolt

Road Test: GMC V-2500 Suburban—now with Banks turbo power.

The Suburban is unique. Introduced in 1935, this giant four-door, four-wheel-drive bus is currently a class of one. Classified as a ‘Truck Wagon,” the Suburban has seen some competition during its 55-year history, but since the 1975 demise of the International Travelall, no major manufacturer has offered a vehicle even remotely Suburban-like. For the last 15 years, only GM has manufactured a giant 4×4 wagon. This has been a boon to sales. And it cuts down considerably on advertising costs.

What the 6.2 really needs is a turbocharger, and aftermarket turbocharging kits have been popular additions to both Ford and GM light trucks diesels. Gale Banks Engineering makes a turbo kit for the 6.2, and now, when certain models of GMC trucks are ordered from a GMC dealer, a factory-installed Gale Bank turbo system is an available option.

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