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    “ Water-Meth Magic”
    Truckin - August 2014

    2009 GMC Sierra 2500HD Gale Banks Engineering Water-Methanol Injection System - Tech and How-to

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    “ Diesel Swaps”
    Diesel Power - January 2013

    The Banks Rat Rod gets a Duramax, the Sidewinder Dakota gets a Cummins, and a who-knows-what gets an 866T.

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    “ 6.6L Crate Engine”
    Diesel Power - November 2012

    For this first time in the history of diesel performance, you can now buy a 100-percent, brand new diesel crate engine. 575 HP, turnkey, and there's not a used part in it.

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    “ Clean Diesel Power”
    Truckin' - Issue 12, 2012

    Once again Banks shows us the path to more power without choking the environment, this time on a 2008 Duramax LML.

  • frontcover_DW_jul12.jpg
    “ Slow the Load”
    Diesel World - July 2012

    Adding Load Control With a Banks SpeedBrake (on a '07.5 GMC Sierra 2500 HD).

  • cover_DW_Jun12.jpg
    “ Heavy Breathing”
    Diesel World - June 2012

    Bolt-On Power Upgrades for the Chevy/GMC Duramax LB7

  • AW_Mar12_thumb.jpg
    “ Banks Powered 1955 Ford Thunderbird Takes Ridler Award”
    AutoWeek - March 2012

    The most prestigious prize in the auto show world is the Ridler Award, and a car with a Banks twin-turbo engine just won it.

  • DW_Feb12_thumb.jpg
    “ Banks Sidewinder Dragster Gets More Power”
    Diesel World - February 2012

    GM Duramax 6.6L LML engine gets SUPERCHARGED at Gale Banks Engineering

  • Diesel-Power.gif
    “ Inside Gale Banks Engineering's New Blown 7.1L Duramax”
    Diesel Power - January 2012

    Gale Banks has already set drag strip records with the twin-turbo version of this Duramax engine, and now they're swapping out the turbos for a supercharger.

  • Diesel-Power.gif
    “ The 454 Returns”
    Diesel Power - December 2010

    This time, it's a 1,300HP diesel. Check out this one-of-a-kind engine build that's after one thing: horsepower.

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    “ 800HP Twin-Turbo Duramax Crate Engine”
    Diesel Power - September 2010

    This supercharged twin-turbo marine engine could pave the way for your next diesel swap

  • Diesel-Power.gif
    “ A Supercharged and Turbocharged 6.6L Duramax Crate Engine”
    Diesel Power - March 2010

    What's more important, horsepower or torque? With this engine, you don't have to choose!

  • frontcover_DWTL.jpg
    “ Two SpeedBrake reviews”
    Diesel World/Trailer Life - September 2009

    The Banks SpeedBrake is reviewed in Diesel World and in Trailer Life. (on a 2008 Chevy 2500HD then a 2006 Chevy Silverado).

  • frontcover_DW_sept09.jpg
    Diesel World - September 2009

    The Banks SpeedBrake Makes For Easy Stopping While Hauling (on an ‘08 Chevy 2500HD).

  • frontcover_TL_jun09.jpg
    “ Banks SpeedBrake”
    Trailer Life - June 2009

    New Electronic Device For GM’s Duramax Uses The Turbocharger To Slow the Vehicle

  • frontcover_PMW_mar09.jpg
    “ Marine Animal”
    Professional Motorsports World - March-June 2009

    Sea-bound diesel technology is being proved on the quarter-mile in the Banks Sidewinder 

  • 8-lug.gif
    “ Never Satisfied”
    8-Lug - December 2008

    Joe Burnside can't leave his Chevy alone. Read along as a father and son spend time together upgrading the family truck by installing the Banks Six-Gun Bundle.

  • Diesel-Power.gif
    “ Clean Speed”
    Diesel Power - February 2008

    Diesel Power Magazine takes a look inside the world's quickest and fastest diesel pickup.

  • Diesel-Power.gif
    “ The Wild Bunch”
    Diesel Power - September 2005

    Can a diesel-powered off-road rig also be a hot rod? And a fuel-efficient highway cruiser to boot?

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    “ Banks' Duramax BIG HOSS INSTALL”
    Truckin' - May 2005

    Instant Muscle-Truck In A Box

  • Truckin.gif
    “ Deep Breath”
    Truckin' - November 2004

    Truckin' follows the step-by-step installation of a Banks Stinger system on an '03 Chevrolet 6.6L Duramax

  • 4WOR.gif
    “ Tow Truck Toys”
    4-Wheel & Off Road - January 2004

    Duramax Upgrades for Power and Braking

  • 4x4garage-premiere-cover.jpg
    “ Oil Burner Upgrade”
    4x4 Garage - Premiere Issue

    The Banks Sidewinder Turbo for Early GM Diesels

  • Off-Road.gif
    “ Banking on Horsepower”
    Off-Road - November 2003

    Power Products for the Duramax Diesel that Work

  • ND_May02_cover.jpg
    “ Airflow Horsepower”
    National Dragster - May 2002

    Review of Banks PowerPack system for GM's 454-cid Vortec trucks.

  • 4WOR.gif
    “ Spring Break Diesel Upgrades”
    Petersen's 4-Wheel & Off-Road — A Primedia Publication - July 2001

    Installation & evaluation of Banks Sidewinder turbo system on a 6.2L diesel Blazer.

  • Four-Wheeler.gif
    “ Project Blazer”
    Four Wheeler - May 2000

    Installation and test of Banks Sidewinder turbo for Chevy/GM 6.2L diesel trucks