Banks Dodge High-Ram

August 25, 2009

Banks new CNC ported High-Ram

These new Banks High-Rams are designed in the computer utilizing computational fluid dynamics, prototyped in our fused deposition modeling machine, tested on our flow bench and then proven in the engine dyno room. Both new High-Rams share the same design, only the inlet size is different. Nothing matches the performance and value of these new Banks Dodge High-Rams. Both are CNC port matched for a perfectly engineered fit.

From our new value-priced 3" market leader, to our kick ass 3½" system, Banks has removed a huge restriction in your intake system. Now, your turbocharger makes its boost with far less turbine exhaust backpressure for more power and mileage. And, boost response is way quicker to boot.

New CNC Ported High-Rams

Heater Delete


If you want another half pound of boost, our Banks Billet Heater Delete is just the ticket. And...unlike some setups, when winter comes, you can put the Heater back in.

Competitive Test

Big Hoss intakeWORLD'S FASTEST 222 MPH

Want to go all out? The Banks Big Hoss manifold that was developed on the World's Fastest diesel pickup, the Banks Sidewinder Dakota, is now available for street or racing engines. It features a 4" inlet with dual Heim joint boost tube retention and is good for utilizing up to 175 pounds of boost. Read more about this bad boy...



Being an engineer as well as a competitive-as-hell hot-rodder means pursuing every airflow advantage possible. Back in ‘98, my original Dodge High-Ram crushed the flow of the stock elbow. This established yet another path to enhanced diesel power and mileage. But it also invited a slew of imitators, offering knock-off, pretender versions. Because they’ve essentially copied our original, the competitors’ numbers look pretty good.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, as much as I appreciate the compliment, it’s reality-check time for Banks’ competitors. At Banks, we settle for nothing less than the top of the market when it comes to performance.

We’ve taken a fresh  look at our original High-Ram design and I’ve got some bad news for the competition…we’re releasing a new generation High-Ram that blows away our original design and therefore everything else on the market.

Our new 3½" CNC High-Ram out-boosts its nearest competitor by 26.8% and that competitor is our new 3” CNC High-Ram.

As for the others we beat them by 29.3% for AFE all the way to 56.9% for BD.

This leaves the competitors with a dilemma. Will they just copy Banks all over again? Probably. But for customers who appreciate quality, credentials, and true engineering, Banks is the only game in town. And… we’ve got the records to prove it!


High-Ram installedSee more on the new High-Ram for:
'98-02 Cummins or '03-07 Cummins
High-Rams are also available for '03-07 Power Stroke