Banks EconoMind

Don’t let fuel prices keep you home.

Banks EconoMind Diesel Tuner


  • More fuel economy under any load condition
  • Proven mileage and power
  • Adjust-on-the-fly power levels
  • CleanTune™ Technology
  • Built-in powertrain safeguards
  • Calibrates the engine to use less fuel at any power level
  • Pays for itself!

Watch it: The guys on TruckU show how installing
an EconoMind safely improves power AND mileage.


Banks has been refining the answer to that question for more than three decades. Remember the Arab oil embargo of 1973? That was the year that fuel economy became very… important! By midyear 1974 we had answered the demand for truck and RV fuel economy systems. Those products were branded Banks PowerPack®. Now, 34 years later, Banks introduces the Banks EconoMind® Diesel Tuner.

The EconoMind makes your diesel more efficient. So, you get a mileage improvement at any speed and an extra “kick-in-the-tail” when you need it. Now you can offset increased fuel costs and enjoy your investment. Have a great trip.


Accuracy to .00003 gallon! Others use fuel gauges and odometers to measure fuel economy. Not Banks. Our engineers demand uncompromising precision. Banks’ cutting-edge Fuel Measurement System (shown below) is accurate to .00003 gallon. That’s three one-hundred-thousandths! And we use military-grade GPS equipment to determine vehicle speed and distance.

That’s not all. We test vehicles on mountains. On flat land. Fully loaded. And empty. Bottom line:
Nobody tests to a higher accuracy than Banks… Nobody!

Banks Fuel Flow Meter


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