PowerPack® System

Banks' stainless-steel PowerPack pumps up Ford Class-A muscle with top gains of +85 hp and +118 lb-ft torque and 12% better mileage. PowerPack features Banks' bulletproof TorqueTubes—the industry's only tuned exhaust manifolds built expressly for motorhomes—for low-end torque to take on hills with strength, speed and less shifting. Because your coach is unencumbered by factory restrictions, you'll enjoy top performance and longer engine life.

Important: Some vehicle configurations require an extension kit for proper fit.

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Motorhome Power

Gasoline: Ford 7.5L (460) Class-A, '82-98

Test vehicle: Non-catalytic coverter equipped Class-A motorhome

Transmission: Ford E4OD automatic

Weight: 16,650 lbs.

Horsepower and torque measured at rear wheels.

PowerPack® SystemStockBanksImprovementResults
Horsepower, best gain 100 hp (4400 rpm) 185 hp (4400 rpm) +85 horsepower 85% more (4400 rpm)
Horsepower, peak-to-peak 178 hp (3200 rpm) 243 hp (3700 rpm) +65 horsepower 37% more, peak-to-peak
Horsepower, upshift point 100 hp (4400 rpm) 185 hp (4400 rpm) +85 horsepower 85% more (4400 rpm)
Torque, best gain 227.1 lb-ft (3700 rpm) 344.9 lb-ft (3700 rpm) +117.8 lb-ft torque 52% more (3700 rpm)
Torque, peak-to-peak 333.5 lb-ft (1800 rpm) 393.9 hp (2000 rpm) +60.4 lb-ft torque 18% more, peak-to-peak
Torque, downshift point 310.4 lb-ft (2800 rpm) 384.5 lb-ft (2800 rpm) +74.1 lb-ft torque 24% more (2800 rpm)
Exhaust gas temperature (at full power) 1,712°F 1,488°F -224°F 13% cooler
Exhaust backpressure (at equal airflow) 9.75 in/Hg 2.5 in/Hg -7.25 in/Hg 74% less backpressure
Air cleaner vacuum (at equal airflow) 21.8 in/H2O 6.3 in/H2O -15.5 in/H2O 71% less restriction
Acceleration, 0-60 mph time 25.45 sec 21.07 sec -4.38 sec 17% quicker
Acceleration, 0-60 mph distance 1,388 ft 1104 ft -284 ft 20% less distance
Acceleration, 40-60 mph time 12.90 sec 10.17 sec -2.73 sec 21% quicker
Acceleration, 40-60 mph distance 966 ft 742 ft -224 ft 23% less distance
Maximum speed, hill-climb (6% grade) 58 mph 69 mph +11 mph 19% faster
Fuel economy (max. speed, 6% grade) 7.65 mpg 8.57 mpg +0.92 mpg 12% better mileage
ApplicationYear RangePart #
PowerPack system, stainless steel
Ford chassis | EFI | No cat converter | Driver-side tailpipe exit*
Emissions compliant: CARB E.O. D-161-99
1993-98 49090
PowerPack system, stainless steel
Ford chassis | EFI | No cat converter | Passenger-side tailpipe exit*
| Emissions compliant: CARB E.O. D-161-99
1993-98 49093

Owners Manual(s)

Power Systems- PowerPack System (Class-A, Ford chassis, non-cat)
For Use w/ 460 EFI Engine
Tech_icon Download
Power Systems- PowerPack system (Class-A, Carb, JD/OK Chassis)
For use w/ 460 carbureted engine
Tech_icon Download
Power Systems- PowerPack System (Class-A, JD/OK chassis)
For Use w/ 460 EFI Engine
Tech_icon Download
Power Systems- PowerPack System (Class-A, Ford chassis, w/ cat.)
For Use w/ 460 EFI Engine
Tech_icon Download

7.5L Ford MH: PowerPack


It performed very well for us on our trip to and from Alaska...

The Banks system we purchase in 2006 for our 1997 Rexhall (Ford 7.5 liter V8) performed very well for us on our trip to and from Alaska last summer and continues to do well.  We are very pleased with the added power and, when I can control my right foot, added fuel economy.  Have not had to tighten a single bolt, nut or anything.  I read a lot about alternatives like Thorley and Gibson systems on some of the RV forums, but can truthfully say that, if people could experience the quality and performance of a full Banks PowerPack, they would realize the difference is more than just price.

Thanks again -  A very happy customer.

Best Regards,
Lowell D.
Monument, CO

Class A Motorhome 7.5L PowerPack


Would not have made the pulls without the Banks system

I own a 1993 class A Pace Arrow 35 V on a Ford chassis with the 460cid gas engine. My wife and bought this unit in upper Michigan last fall and drove it home 500 miles towing my car. To say the performance and fuel economy was lacking is being nice. It would routinely drop 10 or more mph on the slightest hill and downshift constantly while getting a whopping 6-6.2 MPG @ 60 MPH.

Being a mechanic, I checked the entire powertrain to ensure no problems, which there were none. Upon research, I found this is a common problem with this chassis due to poor design on Fords part in relation to the air inlet and exhaust system. I did a lot of research on how to fix this problem and found that the Banks PowerPack and TransCommand were the recommended choice. Although pricey, I did purchase the PowerPack and TransCommand in early 2009. I installed the system myself in March. I relocated the air box to reduce the inlet roar caused by removing the silencers in the inlet tubes. The system installed without any surprises and all the parts needed were included in the kit. That is a rarity with most things. It is a very well thought out and engineered kit.

My family and I took this motorhome, with a car in tow, gross weight near 22,500 Ibs, on a vacation to Yellowstone and Colorado in July and I must say the difference in performance and economy was stunning. I was able to set the cruise at 65 MPH with very little drop off or downshifting on hills, while averaging 6.75 MPG for a 5000 mile vacation. The fuel economy ranged from 5.9 MPG going over the Powder River Pass (alt.10,900 ft) in Wyoming to 7.9 MPG on the flats in western Iowa. The performance gain and powerful sound of this system is worth the cost alone. I truly believe we would not have made the mountain pass pulls in the West without the Banks system. I recommend this system to all owners of this type of coach.

Thanks- A satisfied and happy customer.

Chris V.
Cincinnati, OH

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