PowerPack® System

CLASS-A MOTORHOME: Banks PowerPack features a pair of stainless-steel, tuned-length TorqueTubes exhaust manifolds, for stunning torque output when you want it. Pass, merge and climb as you please: your PowerPacked coach won't break a sweat. Achieve best gains of +72 hp and +87 lb-ft torque, with 10% better fuel economy—and never require high octane.

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Motorhome Power

Gasoline: GM 7.4L (454) Vortec, '96-00

Horsepower and torque measured at rear wheels.

Best Gains
+72 horsepower
+87 lb-ft torque
10% better fuel economy
ApplicationYear RangePart #
PowerPack System
P-30 chassis | Driver-side tailpipe exit*
Emissions compliant: CARB E.O. D-161-79
1996-00 49070
PowerPack System
P-30 chassis | Passenger-side tailpipe exit*
Emissions compliant: CARB E.O. D-161-79
1996-00 49071

Owners Manual(s)

Power Systems- PowerPack system (EFI Vortec, P30 chassis) Tech_icon Download

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Gale Banks' experience with high-performance engines and speed record-setting attempts provided excellent background in developing intake and exhaust manifolds to minimize flow losses and backpressure losses in an engine.

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