Six-Gun® Diesel Tuner

What It Is:
Six-Gun is a fully engineered 2" gauge-mount diesel tuner, control panel, EGT limiter (with optional thermocouple) and performance display, all in one compact, easy-to-install device.

What It Does:
Six-Gun adds up to +62 hp and +163 lb-ft (rear wheel) with six levels of adjust-on-the-fly power; stacks with aftermarket chips or programmers (including Banks Big Hoss® and OttoMind®); and has built-in safeguards.

Even Better:
Six-Gun displays real-time EGT, boost, percent of fuel increase and self-diagnostics; the display options are user-selectable.

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Test vehicle: 2002 Ford Super-cab, Short-bed • F-250 Pickup • 2wd

Engine: 7.3L Power Stroke • Transmission: 4R100 automatic

Horsepower and torque measured at rear wheels.

Note: Banks Horsepower and Torque tests performed with recommended airflow improvements

Six-Gun, Level 6 Stock Banks Improvement Results
Horsepower, Best Gain 122.0 hp
@2000 rpm
184.3 hp
@2000 rpm
62.3 hp
@2000 rpm
51% more
Torque, Best Gain 320.4 lb-ft
@ 2000 rpm
484.0 lb-ft
@ 2000 rpm
163.6 lb-ft
@2000 rpm
51% more
Horsepower, Peak-to-peak
184.1 hp
@2800 rpm
225.0 hp
@2600 rpm
40.9 hp 22% more
Torque, Peak-to-peak
366.2 lb-ft
@2600 rpm
487.0 lb-ft
@2200 rpm
120.8 lb-ft 33% more
1/8 mile, elapsed time 11.68 sec 10.98 sec -0.70 sec 6% quicker
1/8 mile, trap speed 63.21 mph 67.50 mph 4.29 mph 7% faster
1/4 mile, elapsed time 17.92 sec 16.86 sec -1.06 sec 6% quicker
1/4 mile, trap speed 79.26 mph 83.96 mph 4.70 mph 6% faster
1/4 mile, Trucklengths over Stock (Length = 20') - 11.4 trucklengths - -
0-60 mph elapsed time 10.72 sec 9.06 sec -1.66 sec 15% faster
0-60 mph distance 572.3 ft 480.9 ft -91.4 ft 16% less
ApplicationYear RangePart #
Pillar mount, 1 gauge
Ford Super Duty
1999-03 63217
Six-Gun Diesel Tuner
Ford 7.3L
Emissions compliant: CARB E.O. D-161-93
1999-03 66513
Six-Gun diesel tuner | No EGT
Ford 7.3L
Emissions compliant: CARB E.O. D-161-93
1999-03 66514
Six-Gun Diesel Tuner, W/ldwire
Ford 7.3L
Emissions compliant: CARB E.O. D-161-93
1999-03 66515

Owners Manual(s)

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Free Test Report

Free Test Report


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