Big Hoss® Intake Manifold

Banks Sidewinder Dakota engineA Banks Racing product developed on the Banks Cummins Sidewinder® Dakota, the Big Hoss Intake Manifold is the world's first high-performance manifold for a Dodge Cummins common rail. It provides tremendous flow and uniform air distribution for more available power at a given boost level. Big Hoss allows porting of the intake ports.

Includes: Intake manifold and mounting hardware; Boost hose, clamps and retention hardware; Dipstick tube and wire loom relocation hardware.

PLEASE NOTE: Shown with optional boost tube.

For use at sanctioned racing events only

Banks racing intake for Cummins
Banks racing intake, shown installed on a Baja 1000-conquering Cummins.

Flow bench testing the Cummins Big Hoss Intake Manifold


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ApplicationYear RangePart #
Boost Tube for Big Hoss Intake Manifold (42747)
2003-07 41315
Big Hoss Intake Manifold System
Dodge 5.9L
2003-07 42747

Owners Manual(s)

Intake- Big Hoss Intake Manifold System '03-07
235, 250, 305 and 325 HP, Dodge Cummins 5.9L (24-valve) Trucks
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Banks Sidewinder Dakota

History Channel's Automaniacs: Goldberg talks about the Banks Sidewinder Dakota. The Sidewinder's top speed of 222 mph makes it the world's fastest diesel truck!

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Gale Banks has pulled more power out of diesel engines than just about anyone-from motorhomes to record-breaking Bonneville salt racers. Banks has a history of breaking things-particularly speed records. Throughout the years, he has earned trophies at the Bonneville Salt Flats for the world's fastest pickup, fastest piston-engine automobile, and fastest passenger car. And those are just a few of his record-setting achievements.

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