Monster® Sport Exhaust

Banks' new Monster Sport Exhaust is one cool system! And its low price? That's way cool. The system slashes backpressure, increases exhaust flow, improves fuel economy and delivers extra power to your rear wheels. Exhaust tip optional. Important: Some vehicle configurations require an extension kit for proper fit.

  • 4" constant-diameter exhaust system
  • Virtually eliminates backpressure & nearly doubles the flow!
  • Lowers exhaust gas temps
  • Straight-through Monster Muffler delivers a commanding exhaust note
  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Easy install
  • 5" rolled-edge polished tip is optional
  • Fully compatible with the Ford factory warranty
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty

exhaust exit options
Top: Angle-cut exit
Bottom: Optional 5” polished tip

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ApplicationYear RangePart #
Monster exhaust system, Sport
Ford - 7.3L
1999-03 48789
Exhaust tip
Round-Straight Cut, polished CHROME-over stainless
4” Tube - 5” X 12.5”
Extension pipe kit
Pickup, F-250/350 | Crew cab, short bed
1999-03 53516
Extension pipe kit
Pickup, F-250/350 | Ext cab, long bed
1999-03 53517
Extension pipe kit
Pickup, F-250/350 | Crew cab, long bed
1999-03 53518

Owners Manual(s)

Exhaust- Monster Sport Exhaust System '99-03
F-250/350 Pickups
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Free Test Report

Free Test Report


Gale Banks' experience with high-performance engines and speed record-setting attempts provided excellent background in developing intake and exhaust manifolds to minimize flow losses and backpressure losses in an engine.

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