Banks Ram-Air® Intake System 3.8L

3.8L 6-CYL: 2007-11 WRANGLER

HUGE INLET!Banks Ram-Air Intake System replaces the factory's flat panel filter with a large conical lifetime filter that provides maximum high-flow filtration. The Ram-Air's opening dwarfs the stock's inlet, and without the 90-degree detours that choke airflow and kill power. The huge inlet, enclosed housing and much larger tubing reduce restrictions, dramatically improving airflow to the cylinders.

The results are impressive: Banks Ram-Air outflows the stock intake by 73%, improving the Jeep's power and fuel economy. And Banks Ram-Air is designed to accommodate engine movement, which prevents component damage for reliable service life.

Banks Ram-Air for Jeep 3.8L installed

NEW FILTER OPTIONS! Choose from the traditional red, oiled filter or the all-new black, dry filter. Plus, you can even get an extra layer of filtration protection by adding a pre-filter to your order.
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The gang at Off-Road Adventures magazine installed one of these intakes, and they share their opinions and plenty of photos here »




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Airflow test

ApplicationYear RangePart #
Ram-Air intake system | OILED filter
Emissions compliant: CARB E.O. D-161-99
2007-11 41832
Ram-Air intake system | DRY filter
Emissions compliant: CARB E.O. D-161-103
2007-11 41832-D
Air Filter Element, for Ram-Air System
Jeep 3.8/3.6L Wrangler
2007-15 41835
Air Filter Element, for Ram-Air System
Jeep 3.8/3.6L Wrangler
2007-15 41835-D
Banks Pre-Filter
fits over Banks Air Filter for Jeep 4.0/3.8/3.6L
1997-15 42640

Owners Manual(s)

Intake- Ram-Air Intake System '07-11
Jeep 3.8L
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Jeep 3.8L: intake and exhaust


I have a 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited that I outfitted with a Banks cold air intake and cat back exhaust. The system works great and my mileage is a legit 15% better in town and 20-25% better on the road - depending on speed.

Robert R.
Buffalo, NY

Jeep 3.8L intake reviewed in Off-Road Adventures


The Banks Ram-Air for the JK outflows the stock air intake and more air means more power and also improved fuel economy. The air flow is one thing that is quantifiable and repeatable in the lab and this is the number that Banks uses to compare the Ram-Air to stock. Customers have reported not only improved power, but also increases in mileage of 15 to 20-percent or more. This however is subjective and not a claim that Banks makes.

Installing a Banks Ram-Air on your Jeep JK Wrangler is simple and can be done in under a half day. Install one and you'll be wondering what took you so long to jump on the power that Banks has to offer. (read the full review here)

Off-Road Adventures
November 2011


Jeep Ram-Air systems reviewed in JP magazine


Words and photography by Christian Hazel

One of the easiest and most rewarding modifications you can do to your Jeep is installing a cold-air intake in place of the factory air filter box and inlet tubing. The factory paper panel filter elements do a good job of keeping particulate out of your engine and the intake tubing quiets all but the faintest whisper from the air intake charge, but at a cost of air flow, power, and mileage. Good for the average consumer who doesn't care about stuff like better power or economy, but not so great for enthusiast like you and us who want more.

click for PDFThe Banks Ram-Air Intake System is available for all '91-newer Jeep vehicles with 2.5L, 4.0L, 3.8L, and 3.6L engines. We got our hands on the company's relatively new 3.8L system for our '07 Rubicon Unlimited. We also had a chance to install the latest Ram-Air intake on a '12 Unlimited Sport with the 3.6L, but that vehicle was a loaner and we didn't have time to garner any long-term numbers. But on our '07 Wrangler, our efforts were rewarded with an immediate and noticeable power increase. Even with 35-inch tires and an automatic transmission, the 3.8L in our Rubicon could chirp the rear tires when punched from a dead stop and pulls to redline much nicer after the Ram-Air was installed. And we are seeing a very definite 1 mpg increase in our overall fuel economy. Not bad for 10 minutes' worth of work!

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Ram-Air development

Gale talks with SpeedTV about what went into developing the Ram-Air cold air intake system. (Note: Some components or designs shown may not be available for all applications.)

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“If you're ever crossing a mountain pass and you can't seem to keep up with the pickup or RV in front of you, chances are good you're following a Banks-equipped truck.”
Sport Truck (Dec '02)