TorqueTubes® Exhaust Manifolds

Banks TorqueTubes maximize exhaust extraction and torque.

  • Exclusive tuned-length, parallel 5-tube exhaust manifolds designed specifically for motorhomes
  • Lifetime stainless steel construction never cracks or blows
  • Mandrel-formed tubes tune exhaust flow for maximum torque
  • Patented PowerPickle® pulse converter maximizes exhaust extraction (see the big PowerPickle)
  • No sealant or gaskets required
  • 1/2"-thick flanges never warp
  • Flanges welded both sides, then milled flat
  • Includes stainless Y-pipe assembly with seamless Y-collector
  • Includes necessary heat shielding
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty

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Banks versus stock
Banks' streamlined, stainless steel TorqueTubes are the industry's only parallel 5-tube exhaust manifolds for RVs. Unlike competitors who add a separate tube length to a 4-tube formation, Banks integrates five tuned-length tubes into a design that allows rotational firing of the cylinders through the exhaust, minimizing backpressure and maximizing torque. The thick, 1/2-inch flanges never warp or leak.

ApplicationYear RangePart #
TorqueTube system
Class-A | EGR-equipped
Emissions compliant: CARB E.O. D-161-76
1997-03 49164
TorqueTube system
Class-A | No EGR
Emissions compliant: CARB E.O. D-161-76
1997-03 49165
TorqueTube system
Class-A | No EGR
Emissions compliant: CARB E.O. D-161-76
2004-05 49181

RV Today features Banks

It's an old episode but what Gale explains about the principles of improving the performance in your RV still applies today.


Gale Banks has pulled more power out of diesel engines than just about anyone-from motorhomes to record-breaking Bonneville salt racers. Banks has a history of breaking things-particularly speed records. Throughout the years, he has earned trophies at the Bonneville Salt Flats for the world's fastest pickup, fastest piston-engine automobile, and fastest passenger car. And those are just a few of his record-setting achievements.

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