Monster® Exhaust

The 4" Monster exhaust cat-back system flows up to 122% better than stock and virtually eliminates backpressure. The system's pipes bolt behind the turbocharger (some applications). Banks' streamlined 4" turbine outlet pipe (not required with 325 hp systems), intermediate pipe(s) and tailpipe are formed of stainless, heavy-wall tubing with constant-diameter bends to maximize airflow and lower exhaust gas temps.

Banks replaces the factory's restrictive muffler with a polished-stainless Monster muffler featuring a straight-through 4"-diameter path that flows up to 129% better than stock. The Banks-designed expansion chamber dissipates the annoying mid-range exhaust drone that accompanies most straight-through mufflers. Monster muffler utilizes spun ceramic, very-high-temperature packing and delivers an authoritative--but never intrusive--exhaust sound. And the 5” polished rolled-edge tip has an adjustable clamp for positioning on tailpipe. Get it in your choice of chrome-over stainless or high temp black! (And to help keep it looking good, there's a 1/2" air gap to keep heat from tarnishing the finish.)

This system has a "side single" exit




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ApplicationYear RangePart #
Monster exhaust system
Std cab, long bed (or crew cab, short bed) | Cat converter
2003-04 48640
Monster exhaust system
Std cab, long bed (or crew cab, short bed) | No cat converter
2003-04 48641
Monster exhaust system
Crew cab, long bed | Cat converter
2003-04 48642
Monster exhaust system
Crew cab, long bed | No cat converter
2003-04 48643
Monster exhaust system
325-hp engine | Std cab, long bed (or crew cab, short bed)
2004-07 48700
Monster exhaust system
325-hp engine | Crew cab, long bed
2004-07 48701
Monster Exhaust system
325-hp engine | Mega-cab
2006-07 48708

Owners Manual(s)

Exhaust- Monster Exhaust, Single out the back '03-04 Tech_icon Download
Exhaust- Monster Exhaust, Single out the back '04-07
325 HP Dodge 5.9L HO Cummins Trucks, Including Mega Cab
Tech_icon Download

5.9L exhaust


Needed muffler and tail pipe which was not available aftermarket. Dodge dealer wanted $547.00 for stock parts. Decided if I was going to have to spend that kind of money why not improve entire exhaust. Talked to a lot of people and spent 3 hours on internet before deciding on a Banks Monster stainless exhaust. I was concerned it might be too loud but ordered it anyway. WOW!!! Talk about QUALITY!! Sounds good but not too loud. I have decided any other improvements will be Banks products. You have earned a lifelong customer due to engineering and testing. THANK YOU!

P.S. Patiently waiting for air filter restriction indicator to tell me to call my new friends at BANKS!!

-David P.
Stilesville, IN

exhaust: Dodge 5.9L

Banks Monster exhaust installed on a 2006 Dodge Cummins 5.9L. Single tip.


With Banks Big Hoss Bundles available for Chevy, Dodge, and Ford turbodiesels, towing your race car will feel like you’re pulling your kid’s little red wagon.

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