Monster® Exhaust

2005-06 5.4/6.8L S/D Truck; 2008-10 6.8L (V10) F250-350 SUPER-DUTY PICKUP; 2011 6.2L (V8): Formed of heavy-duty stainless steel, Banks' increased-diameter mandrel-bent 3.5" Monster exhaust pipe and tailpipe cut backpressure for increased power, longevity and fuel efficiency. The free-flowing polished-stainless straight-through Monster muffler delivers a commanding, yet civil, exhaust note. The polished-stainless tailpipe tip provides an awesome finishing touch. Outflows stock and the competition.

Includes: Polished-stainless straight-through Monster muffler with 3.5" flow path; Stainless constant-diameter 3.5" intermediate pipe & tailpipe; tailpipe tip

Tip options:
2005-06 model years come with a round polished-stainless, 5" tip with rolled edge.
2008-11 systems come with an ob-round 5"x6" angle-cut tip in your choice of
polished chrome-over stainless or high-temp black.

This system has a "side single" exit




Banks ob-round tip
The 2008-11 6.8L and 6.2L systems come with Banks exclusive ob-round tips.

CUSTOMER VIDEO: We found this video on YouTube of a guy who put this exhaust system on his truck, and since it gives a pretty good idea of what the exhaust sounds like we thought you might like to watch it here. (After he starts it up, you can skip ahead to about the two minute mark because nothing really happens for a while.)

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ApplicationYear RangePart #
Monster Exhaust
Ford 5.4/6.8L S/D Trk
2005-06 48724
Monster Exhaust
6.8L (V-10) 2008-2010; F-250 Super-Duty; ECSB, CCSB & CCLB
6.2L (V-8) 2011; F250 Super Duty: CCSB only
2008-11 48725

Owners Manual(s)

Exhaust- Monster Exhaust, Single Passenger side exit '05-06
Super Duty, 5.4L(V8) & 6.8L (V10)
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