Banks Sidewinder S10 Diesel Drag Pickup Truck

The Quickest & Fastest: 7.77 E.T. @ 180.00 mph
The Banks Sidewinder S-10 Duramax pickup was entered in the Top Diesel Class at the NHRDA World Finals on September 25-26, 2010 in Topeka, Kansas. Driver Wes Anderson clicked off a 7.77-second pass

…The Banks Sidewinder Chevy S-10 is quite simply the best-known diesel pickup in drag racing today.

With its incredibly powerful Banks-modified 6.6 liter Duramax diesel V-8 belting out 4-digit horsepower numbers and an equal ration of tire-twisting torque, this dark red racer has set and re-set quarter-mile records almost every time that it has taken to the track, and it’s still going strong!

But speed records are only part of the story of what this machine means, and what Banks learns from every step of a project like this one. Teamwork, technique, and tenacity are all given a rugged, real-world workout, and all benefit from the exercise.

From the earliest flash of an idea way back in 2005, to the final record run of the day, every moment of this S-10’s life has provided Banks with engineering data that continually yields valuable knowledge about high efficiency, superior durability, and extreme performance. The benefits of all this tough, high speed research quite are evident in the quality of the products which Banks builds.

Sure it’s one cool race truck, but that’s just the beginning of the story at Banks Power.

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Banks Sidewinder S-10 | The World's Quickest & Fastest Diesel Drag Truck
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Latest News

Heavy Duty, High Performance

  Over the years, Rudolf Diesels creation has taken a back seat in the world of race engines to traditional spark ignition motors. Consigned in the main to heavy load-lugging and industrial applications, it 151 past 30 years that the racing world has begun to wv the true potential of compression ignition for competition use, the ...
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Desert Diesel Nationals

The NHRDA’s Season Opener in Phoenix saw the Banks Sidewinder S-10 set a record. The National Hot Rod Diesel Association (NHRDA) kicked off its 2009 MBRP Diesel Drag Race Series at Speedworld in Whittman, Arizona, just north of Phoenix, on March 7. The second-annual Desert Diesel Nationals attracted nearly 1,000 spectators and well over 60 competitors ...
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Late-Breaking News

Diesel World magazine gives an update on the industry, including the NHRDA event where the Banks S-10 had a 7.77 at 180 mph run. Thanks to the magic of magazine production, where we are so far ahead of ourselves we’re producing the July issue in the middle of March, I just wrapped up covering the second ...
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“Banks Power – The first 50 years” Opens at Wally Parks NHRA Museum

50 years of automotive and marine engineering innovation was put on display at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum to honor Gale Banks and his achievements. It’s called the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum. Inside this 28,500-square-foot building are some of the most important pieces in drag racing as well as motorsports history. From early sllngshot ...
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This Just In From Jay Leno’s Garage

Gale takes the Sidewinder S-10 drag truck over to Jay Leno’s for some fun and burnouts. Burbank, California March 21, 2009 – When Jay Leno calls from the Big Dog Garage and asks: “What’s new?” No one jokes back: “New York, New Jersey, or New Brunswick.” What Gale Banks answered back was the news that his ...
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S-10 Project Overview Update

Azusa, Calif. – – The Banks Sidewinder S-10 Duramax pickup just gets faster every time it runs! And on Saturday March 7, the dark red truck with a brand new Sidewinder snake supergraphic on the side charged right past its own record once again with an incredible 7.77 -180 mile per hour run which made ...
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The World’s Quickest Diesel Pickup Breaks New Ground

The words “fast” and “diesel” aren’t commonly spoken in the same breath. Diesel trucks, the Clydesdales of the truck world, have always been one-dimensional work trucks, clattering engines producing nothing but torque, with lots of black smoke thrown in. Those cliches are fading fast as a new wave of diesel trucks hits the street. The words “fast” ...
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Pomona, California – – On Wednesday, December 3, 2008, fifty years of automotive and marine engineering innovation was put on display at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum, in Pomona, California. Pomona, California – – On Wednesday, December 3, 2008, fifty years of automotive and marine engineering innovation was put on display at the Wally Parks ...
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No smoke with fire

Smoke free, high efficiency diesel engines are Gale Banks Engineering’s specialty. We look at how the company progressed to become the undisputed leaders in the field. To understand where native Southern Californian Gale Banks is going, it’s necessary to know where he’s come from. His Gale Banks Engineering company, now in its 50th year of operation, ...
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One On One With Gale Banks

Straight Talk With the Man Largely Identified as the Creator of the Diesel Aftermarket Gale Banks is a hot rodder from the word go and is just as involved today as he was 50 years ago when he founded the company. But long before that he was a gearhead, and until this day he remains a ...
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