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Banks Power: An Unmatched History of Victory

Our reputation has been forged in the heat of motorsports competition. Be it boating or land racing, open water or closed course, the dry lakes or the drag strip, Banks has always set the pace and has always set records. We put nearly 60 years of hard-won racing and testing knowledge and experience in your corner and provide the best products on the market. Power and endurance rarely go hand in hand, but with Banks products it’s an everyday occurrence. From climbing to all-out racing — gas or diesel — Banks has you covered!

Banks legendary performance reputation was first earned in the high-performance marine engine business in the '60s'. Since that time world, national, state, and local speed and endurance records have all fallen to Gale Banks Engines-equipped boats, trucks, cars and even a motorhome.

Now, applying the same engineering expertise that motivates the 1,200-horsepower Duramax 6.6L V-8 in their record-setting drag racing, and land speed record competition vehicles, Gale Banks Engines produces custom Duramax based advanced technology engines.