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The ultimate upgrade for classic diesels. Adds astonishing performance — up to +102 hp/+143 lb-ft — plus significantly greater fuel economy & durability.

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Truck Trend 
magazine not only installed the Banks turbo system but also the Banks water-methanol kit. And the results? Read on »

F-250, F-350 & F-450 PICKUP

Banks Sidewinder turbo engineThe ultimate upgrade for classic diesels is a Sidewinder turbocharging system. Banks wastegated Sidewinder turbo unleashes gains in horsepower and torque. You’ll hardly recognize Ol’ Betsy; With Banks’ turbocharging technology onboard, she’ll tow up the grade quicker, and provide phenomenal fuel economy improvement at that. No smoke!

click for article"The difference in performance created by the new Banks system was like night and day. Acceleration without the trailer went from leisurely to quick. Turbo lag was barely noticeable; when the driver stabbed the throttle, the engine dug in immediately. No longer did we live in fear of uphill freeway onramps, since the truck could quickly merge with traffic. The improvement in trailer towing was also dramatic…"

-Trailer Life magazine « read the article »


In 1989, GM selected Banks as the 6.2L factory-turbo option, and remained so until GM released their own 6.5L turbo-diesel. To this day, Banks Sidewinder out-performs GM’s 6.5L factory-turbo or any other turbo. Banks’ ultimate upgrade for 6.2L workhorses provides best gains of +60 hp and +115 lb-ft torque, plus 19% better fuel economy. That’s no smoke!

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: It seems the Diesel World website 
is down so click here for a PDF of the article »

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Solid credibility
Four Wheeler magazine did a story 
on how you could get a Banks turbo straight from a GM dealer »

*Contents, features & performance results vary by application. Most products are CARB E.O. certified or in processs. Power measured at the rear-wheels, airflow improvements recommended.