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Because of their effect on a vehicle’s emissions performance, certain parts are intended exclusively for use in competition vehicles. The “Checkered Flag” warning icon means a part is designed and intended for use in vehicles operated exclusively for competition: in racing or organized competition on courses separate from public streets or highways. Installation or use of this part on a vehicle operated on public streets or highways is likely to violate U.S., Canadian, and state and provincial laws and regulations relating to motor vehicle emissions.


Motor vehicle emissions standards are intended to help achieve and maintain air quality goals that benefit human health and the environment. U.S. federal and state and Canadian law prohibits knowingly removing, modifying, or making inoperative, or causing someone to remove or render inoperative, or otherwise tampering with, any part or element of design installed in compliance with motor vehicle emission standards on a motor vehicle or nonroad vehicle, or otherwise modifying any required emission and noise control system. Unless specifically noted to the contrary herein, vehicles equipped with Banks Competition Parts may not meet emissions laws and regulations and should not be operated on public roads or used for any other use. This part is intended primarily for use in vehicles that are NOT:

  1. “motor vehicles” designed for street use; or
  2. off-road vehicles used for anything but competition.

U.S. federal and state, and Canadian provincial agencies have the authority to administer substantial monetary penalties against individuals and companies who do not comply with these laws. Banks Competition customers are responsible for ensuring their use of Banks Competition Parts complies with applicable federal, state/provincial and local laws, regulations and ordinances, and for ensuring that modified vehicles are operated in a manner that complies with applicable laws. In an effort to help consumers maintain compliance with emissions regulations, the product descriptions for many parts include emissions-related warnings and notices. This page summarizes the emissions-related information that you may see on this website.


Banks offers competition parts that are intended exclusively for use in competition vehicles that will only be driven on a track or off-road course. By “competition vehicles,” Banks means vehicles (i) used exclusively for competitions organized and sanctioned by a local or private body and (ii) not designed for use on public streets or highways. Consumers are strongly advised not to install parts accompanied by this warning on vehicles that will be driven on public roads, as they are not designed for that purpose. The product descriptions for such parts are accompanied by the “Checkered Flag” warning icon.

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Please note that these products are only for use at sanctioned race events.