Working on the Ford Eco Boost Applications

Hey Ford Boys…You should like this! I got one too, oh yeah!

This month I’m working on the Ford Eco Boost applications! We’ve already got AutoMind flash programming, our Ram-Air, cold air intake, our Straight-Shot water/meth injection and our Monster Exhaust finished, and that stuff rocks!
Right now we’re working on our Technicooler upgrade for the liquid cooled factory Intercooler and a new, Bullet in line tuner.
I’ve got two 2015 turbos in UPS to me for analysis and a 2015 F150 development truck in my garage, so I’m all over it!

Could life be any better?

I Love My Job
Gale Banks

Iโ€™m going to fingerprint the stock Eco Boost turbos and evaluate building some Banks Sidewinder upgrades. Turbos are my thing, ya know!
Gale Banks

The stock Eco Boost turbos have a compressor smaller in diameter than my watch! Is this an opportunity? We shall seeโ€ฆ!
Gale Banks


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