I want to send a note of thanks and appreciation to all of you at Banks Engineering; I could not have had a better experience than what I had in this most excellent adventure with your team in the development of the intercooled turbo for my 04 Jeep LJ 4.0 installed with the torque tubes and Monster exhaust. From the first experience with Nick in sales and his best efforts to keep me informed of the potential time line for development of a turbo for my model and year to extending my desires to your engineering team and then the subsequent offer to allow the use of my Jeep for development team he made it happen. As the engineering project lead and developer Matt kept me informed of the activities that were happening with the Jeep development and always made me feel 100% confident in the activities as well as the quality of the overall product. When your team realized that a Jeep in Phoenix with soaring ambient temps in the 115⁰ range with the need to Jeep at much higher recreational elevations to get away from the heat they offered and developed a water to air intercooler that gives a significant power boost and also increases overall performance. The Banks team allowed me to come pick the Jeep up and test it on two separate occasions to give the engineers quality feedback on how the performance was and what needed to be tweaked. Each time I needed a ride to or from the Ontario airport your team was willing and able. During those rides with Erick I received excellent feedback on what was happening with the Jeep as well as other aspects of Banks Engineering and the pride of working for Banks Engineering oozed from Erick, Erick is certainly a good ambassador for your company. I had a most pleasurable experience in meeting Gale Banks and that was certainly a bonus to all of the wonderful things that I experienced during this 4 month odyssey. I am now looking forward to many adventures with this system and hope that from time to time I will be able to send short reports on the long-term drivability of the products and send pictures of where your team has given me the opportunity to go. I have already had the opportunity to show your product to many of the Jeep guys that I know as well as one of our local 4x4 shops (Desert off-road) and I will continue to promote as much as is possible. One of the items that gets brought up by most that I talk to is the horror that many have experienced or have been told about around the social media clubs in regards to the computer mapping issues with other turbo or supercharger systems. They claim they never run right and maybe that is true but I tell them that I had this professionally installed and the computer side was done so well that it runs flawlessly to a level that I would think it was a factory installed system. Clearly the team at Banks knows their stuff and they do not need tens of thousands of miles of Beta testing before releasing a new computer mapping. If you ever want me to take the Jeep to any specific shop or show it to a potential user please feel free to send a message and I will be happy to help with letting your product speak for itself. Bryce G. Phoenix, AZ