I installed a Banks PowerPack with Ottomind and TransCommand module. I climbed the same hills with the same load and same wind. The steepest grade was the Georgetown,CO. Before the Banks stuff the best speed I could make was 45mpg. After the Banks it was 57 mph in drive with the overdrive switched off. If I dropped from drive to the next lowest gear, which is 2nd, I could accelerate more, but 57 was fast enough for me without a lot of high rpms. Later I tested the miles per gallon. On level terrain, at 7,000' elevation, no winds, the best average I could get was 10.1 mpg, with the Banks system I got 10.7. average speed 58 mph. The TransCommand adjusts the shifting. I notice that the time lapse from one gear to another is quicker and smoother. Also there is less hunting for the correct gear (constant changing of gears as your speed changes as you climb various grades). I can climb longer in a high gear before it shifts into a lower gear. I can stay at the posted speed limits on the two lane mountain roads now. Before the Banks I would cause a slow down because I couldn't maintain posted speeds. It is much more relaxing to drive now knowing that I'm going the speed limit on those roads where it's impossible for someone else to pass because of hills and curves. On interstate roads I keep it at 60 mph as it's easy for other to pass. I have no regrets having installed the Banks. Bill R. Steamboat Springs, CO