Where do you show testimonials for your products. Here is mine. The difference between the standard exhaust system and the New Power Pack is simply amazing. I have a 2012 Class C motorhome with the Ford E450 V10. We live in Utah and have to go up hills/mountains to go anywhere, including home. Before installing the Banks Power Pack, the motor was running about 5500 rpms going up a hill at 60 mph by our house. After the installation, the motor started at 4200 and then dropped to 3600 rpms. The additional power was amazing. Before the installation the motor was at 2500 rpm while cruising at 65 mph on the freeway, now the motor is at 2000 rpms. We have not had a chance to check the mileage but that is only a small part of the purchase. I am sure that the motor will last longer now that it can breath. I no longer feel embarrassed going up hills at either slower speeds or with the motor screaming. It is extremely satisfying to pass slower vehicles while going uphill. I now have Banks products on three vehicles. Thanks for all your hard work. Kim W., Layton, UT