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Who The Hell Is Gale Banks: Part 2 Pioneering The Turbo Diesel Aftermarket Because We Went Stupid Fast In A ’68 Corvette…Yep! Well of course that’s me and I’m a still Gearhead. Join me as we continue our NHRA Museum Winners Circle members tour of my shop. We videotaped me leading the tour of our facilities: If you have not seen Part 1 yet, go here and ... Read more about this post

Who The Hell Is Gale Banks? Well that’s me and I’m a Gearhead. I must assume almost all of you know me as you have liked or signed-up for this site. However, you may not know my whole backstory, so I hope it’s ok to share some of my 63-year Hot Rod Engine history with you. It’s all centered around forced induction, ... Read more about this post

Three Turbos – Two Engine Dynos Gas In One – Diesel In The Other… It’s Friday & This Is Banks! SBC and L5P, it’s a GM dyno day! Our 427″ Banks Twin Turbo, Small Block Chevy, is in Dyno 1. Man, these big inch small blocks thunder, even thru turbos! These particular Turbos are our new Banks Sidewinder Centerline Series. We made “first Boost” ... Read more about this post

Gale compares the L5P and the LML with Nick and Paul from Diesel Performance Gale describes a few of the substantial differences between the LML to the new L5P Duramax engines. Watch as he visually shows us the key components. Learn what is different and why – from Turbocharger to Injectors, Fuel Pumps, air flow with the new Cylinder Heads and more. Sit back and learn from the master. Read more about this post

Gale Speaks (at SEMA) Gale Banks will be speaking at the SEMA Show Education Days, On Monday, October 30, 2017 at 2:30pm, Las Vegas Convention Center, Upper North Hall, Room N256 Already acknowledged as one of the “5 Must-Attend SEMA Show Education Sessions” Gale will present: “Building the Best Boosted Engines of Your Career”   Gale Banks, the “Godfather of Turbocharging,” will be teaching his new ... Read more about this post

DISCOVER THE EFFECTS OF SUBTLE TIMING CHANGES ON OUR L5P DIESEL ENGINE   Here is a little tease from the six plus hours of video that Diesel Performance shot when they came all the way from Illinois to visit us on July 7.  In this piece, it is as if you become the dyno operator for the day as we start learning the L5P Diesel Engine. Enjoy this and ... Read more about this post

Ever wonder what it takes to go truly Fast? Banks running twin turbo diesel Legendary hot rod pioneer Gale Banks invites the NHRA Motorsports Museum’s Winner Circle members and guests to a personal tour and lunch at his 10-acre compound in Azusa, CA. The sad news is, the event is ONLY open to NHRA Museum Winner Circle Members and Guests The good news is, you can become a NHRA Museum Winner ... Read more about this post

The Great 6.7 Cummins Intake Elbow Shootout The Great 6.7L Cummins intake elbow shootoutPart 3 and the final part of “The Great Elbow Shootout” which we are now calling ‘The Great 6.7 Cummins Intake Elbow Shootout’. If you’re building a 6.7L Cummins for racing, the stock intake elbow is the first problem to fix! And, choosing the best flowing design always results in the highest horsepower and torque on ... Read more about this post

Further Results for Maximizing Turbo Diesel Performance The Great Intake Elbow Shootout – Part Two This installment focuses on the BD 4″ and Stock 6.7 Intake Elbow The BD 4″ inlet is a big surprise and the stock 6.7 defines the floor. All tests are racing style with no heater. Watch and learn as the Master continues to explain the intricacies of Air Flow! Here is part ... Read more about this post

Are you into turbocharging? Learn more as we start this three part series we call “The Great Intake Elbow Shootout”   Did you know that round tube bends kill some of the boost that should be delivered to your intake manifold? There’s a better way to bend air. Watch the video as Gale explains air flow and starts series of videos that focus on the 6.7 ... Read more about this post