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We Ride in JLTV, the Humvee’s Successor This article was reprinted from Popular Mechanics online edition. The author is Eric Tegler published on May 25, 2017 “It changes audibly with the rpm, even over the roar of the Banks 866T turbodiesel engine (based on GM’s Duramax 6.6-liter V-8 diesel).” Keep your hands loose on the wheel. I remind myself of this as we fly across a section of ... Read more about this post

Talking Dynos With Gale Banks And Banks Power Recently Steven Olsewski, editor of Diesel Army, a Power AutoMedia publication, visited us for a day of Dyno runs. At Banks Power, we test and measure anything we do to the engine, and we also test and measure anything we might add to or put into the engine, for example, a lubrication package – does it perform better, ... Read more about this post

Marine Corps Could Boost its Banks Powered JLTV Purchase by Thousands Reprinted from National Defense Industrial Association 5/17/2017 By Yasmin Tadjdeh RESTON, Va. — The Marine Corps is considering purchasing thousands of more joint light tactical vehicles than originally planned, a service official said May 17. The service has committed to an acquisition objective of 5,500 platforms, but could boost that to more than 9,000 if it were given the ... Read more about this post

EcoDiesel Derringer – Hidden Power Derringers are sought out for their small size that is easily concealed, yet deliver a powerful double punch. Today we installed a Banks Power Derringer in this 2016 Ram 3.0 EcoDiesel. Can you find it?   Not only is it hard to visually see, it leaves no footprint, meaning it leaves no trace, take it out and ... Read more about this post

Gale Banks explains why Turbos are the best power adder Gale sat down with /Drive to discuss turbos and why they are the best option for adding power. From commercial use, Racing, all the way to Military. If you’re thinking about working with Turbos to increase your power potential, then you need to watch this video and I’ll tell you why! For more info, read the article ... Read more about this post

My California Speed Shop Addicted Me Hello, my name is Gale and I’m a Gearhead! There is no 12 step program for my problem, I should have known better, I was the guy selling the stuff! I sold my first engine in 1958. It was a DOHC V8 Studebaker Indy engine built from reject pieces that George Salih came up with. I ... Read more about this post

Banks Duramax Top Diesel Dragster… This Sidewinder Is Gonna Bite! It is always nice to receive an e-mail in the morning show that someone just published an article about us. This time it was Street Muscle Magazine who published an article about our Dragster. They run a section on their site titled “What are you working on?” which features projects in process. This week, the editor ... Read more about this post

Electric power… what? Banks is making it better! Update: This was an April Fools Prank! No electric vehicles were improved in the making of this story. We all know that electric vehicles are growing in popularity. Being that Banks Power is known for Gas & Diesel performance, they dismissed electric vehicles for a very long time. But about a year ago, Gale Banks had an epiphany on ... Read more about this post

Just Another Dyno Day Banks Engineering has four dynos and we will soon have five. On any given day, at least two are in use. So, you would think that making a dyno run would become blasé. But you would be wrong. Every time we run an engine on the Dyno we learn something and that is never boring. ... Read more about this post

Ok 6.7 Cummins fans, time to get it on! Ever since we did our Banks Twin Ram for the old 12 Valve Dodge Cummins 5.9, Gale has had this thing about getting air into a Cummins cylinder head. Recently he’s been busy on our newest military diesel V8, but now it’s back to the racing equipment business big time! And we can’t wait. After ... Read more about this post