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Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute: Vegas Style! By John Espino My latest stint with Bosch was last week at the AFVi Conference and Expo in Las Vegas. I was on hand to assist Bosch with their booth as a “technical representative of diesel technology”. Not a bad title of sorts, but in reality what it meant was that they’d point to me and ... Read more about this post

Mickey Thompson Panel Discussion – Senator Visit – Bosch Ride-n-Drive Danny Thompson, Alex Xydias, and Tom Jobe were among the guests paying tribute to Mickey Thompson. Plus get the latest info on Senator Huff’s visit to Banks and the Bosch Ride-n-Drive The Wally Parks NHRA  Motorsports Museum hosted a Mickey Thompson discussion panel to a pretty packed house of gear head enthusiasts last Saturday, May 15th. ... Read more about this post

California Senator Huff tours Gale Banks Engineering Senator Bob Huff visited Gale Banks Engineering and talked about everything from diesels to hydrogen, and from reducing emissions to the challenges of running a business in California. By John Espino Senator Huff and Gale by Banks Super-Sequential Twin turbo Marine Prototype California State Senator Bob Huff visited Gale Banks Engineering Thursday, May 13th, and had the opportunity ... Read more about this post

A Senator is Coming – a Dragster is Running and More FOUR (!) NEW NEWS STORIES: The latest on the dragster; Senator Bob Huff is coming to Banks; upcoming Mickey Thompson event; Bosch technology expo By John Espino The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy around the Banks campus. There’s always something going on here be it project, product or event related. Starting this weekend there’s ... Read more about this post

Duramax Twin Turbo Marine Variant So what did it do anyways? By John Espino Duramax Twin Turbo Marine variant: So what did it do anyways? For the past few weeks I’ve been reporting about our development of the Duramax 6.6 liter engine for marine usage, and its two forms: the Twin Turbo and the (all-powerful) Sequential Super Twin Turbo variants. We’ve seen the ... Read more about this post

What’s Happening Lately? What’s been going on here lately you ask? As always it’s been a bunch. Some of the stuff I can share, while other things I’m not at liberty to say. Here’s what I am at liberty to say: 2011 Ford 6.7 liter “Scorpion” Power Stroke: We just got one of the new Ford beasts in here at ... Read more about this post

A Change is Coming at Gale Banks Engineering Taking a break in the Duramax Marine Twin Turbo development, and signing up to get even more insider news! By John Espino We’re going to take a break this week in the saga that is the Duramax Marine Twin Turbo development for a couple of reasons: • First: the lead engineer on the project has been out on ... Read more about this post

Forced Induction Madness – The Birth of an Intake-Charge-Air Cooler Here’s a video of the monster Steam Punk Banks Twin-Turbo Marine engine in action on the dyno. By John Espino These past few Fridays we’ve been going through the development of what would become the Super-Twin Turbo (it has a longer name, but let’s not stress on that right now) to show a little of its origins, ... Read more about this post

Forced Induction Madness – Twin Turbo Duramax – ala Steam Punk When you start with a design for an intake or an exhaust system it’s rather simple… By John Espino So last week we showed you a peak at the end of the story (or rather the beginning of another one) with some great pictures of the Sequential Super-Twin Turbo, but the roots of it hadn’t been fully ... Read more about this post

Forced Induction Madness – the Banks Power Sequential Super – Twin Turbo Marine Diesel A twin turbo Duramax marine engine gets an extra kick from being supercharged! By John Espino The title says it all… and it’s quite a mouth full. In fact, I rather doubt anyone can say it ten times fast. For those of you still shell shocked I’ll break it down for you: it’s a twin turbo Duramax ... Read more about this post