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Banks ACE Shop Floor Layout Changes Special Room Is Built For New Diesel Injector Test Bench. Ultra high pressure electronically-controlled fuel injection using a “common rail” fuel system is the prime reason that the new generation of clean diesel engines have become the power units of choice for the high end of today’s light truck, SUV, automobile, and motorhome industry. With diesel, injecting ... Read more about this post

Banks Power Twin Turbo Power for Las Vegas Trike Perfect! It’s Halloween week and we get to strap the Great Pumpkin (Trike Bike) down on the Banks Engineering “rack” … er Chassis Dyno. Sneak a look (if you dare) at one of Las Vegas Trikes’ latest masterworks of motorcycling mayhem … All hooked up and bristling with some monstrous Banks Twin Turbo hoss-pawer! EPILOG: It ... Read more about this post

Designs and Designers With large numbers of new Banks Power products coming on line annually and a like number of very short-run specialized components needed for the BankSpeed racing program, there’s always a flood if new items on the “drawing board” here in Azusa. At Banks, new parts are being conceived and designed on a daily basis. With large numbers ... Read more about this post

The Bosch-Banks Sidewinder Jetta TDI Bosch asks Banks to take a look at a diesel powered machine as it comes from Volkswagen. They drop a Jetta off at Banks’ Azusa campus and say: “We’ll be back in a few weeks, see what you and your people can do with an upgrade on this one.” That’s a pretty long name for a ... Read more about this post

It is Alive – Banks Marine Engine in the Dyno Cel How did the V-8 monster diesel engine spring to life? Here’s the inside story. By Kevin Callahan By the time you read this, dyno room testing will be underway on the new Banks marine turbo-diesel being developed for high performance, sport and possible defense industry use. But how did this powerful V-8 monster spring to life? ... Read more about this post

Diesel Directions MOTOR PRESS GUILD Luncheon Meeting with Bosch and Banks. Listen to the audio! Photos:  By Pete Lyons and Albert Wong courtesy of MPG Even though it was not open to the general public, the Motor Press Guild’s September luncheon meeting was deemed a “sell out” with over 100 members and guests in attendance and additional tables and ... Read more about this post

Adam Carolla Podcast with Gale Banks Gale Banks Hangs With Funnyman Adam Carolla on his “Carcast” Show and talks about the Banks Sidewinder S-10 drag truck and the Banks-powered VW Jetta TDI and more! Azusa, Calif. – – Well-known star of stage, screen, radio, and the TV dance floor Adam Carolla this week welcomed special guest Gale Banks to the Carcast section ... Read more about this post

Secret Spy Photos of Banks Power Marine Turbo-diesel Revealed We’ll give you the full inside scoop when the crew can stop and take a breath, but there’s a really rad “proof of concept” test engine being built right this second on the shop floor. Twin-turbos, intercooler and heat exchangers powered by sea water, this baby has the works. Plus it kinda looks like the ... Read more about this post

The Banks Engine Test Cells – State of the Art and Ever-Changing There are a number of areas located throughout the 11+ acre Banks design and manufacturing facility that are dedicated specifically to testing.  This Friday we’re specifically looking at the engine test cells. The way that Gale Banks sees it, THE most important part of the business that he’s been in for just over half a century ... Read more about this post

The Banks Environmental Test Chamber This unusual-looking unit is an “environmental test chamber,” the electronic equivalent of one Banks’ engine dynamometers, it’s the place where electronic components and systems go to get taken to within a few millimeters of failure (and sometimes beyond). Nope (even though it actually could ) no one at Gale Banks Engineering has ever attempted to make ... Read more about this post