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Hoist the colors! or With great power comes great responsibility! I’m on my way back from Tampa and the Truck U shoot. I’m on the plane and just finished watching the third installment of Pirates of the Caribbean for the umpteenth time (a truly bitchin’ movie no matter what anyone says! Naysayers can walk the plank) and I feel compelled to finish my story from ... Read more about this post

What’s my motivation? or Trucking in Tampa For the plane ride back, I’ve got to remember to at least try for a window seat. It was bad enough being the middle child in my family, but it was torture being in the middle on a plane ride across the country. Heck, I even ran out of mints! At least sitting by the ... Read more about this post

Being the middleman or Fire-breathing exhaust Wouldn’t you know it, I’m trapped in the middle seat on this leg of the flight to Florida. It’s not a good situation due to the fact that the gents on either side of me are asleep with their mouths open, a trait I deplore among sleepers. That and folks whom you can hear chomp, ... Read more about this post

A Tribute to Wally Parks Wally Parks was a friend to thousands, and I am pleased to have been numbered among them. His gentlemanly demeanor was an example that I have tried hard to emulate in my career. His sense of humor was always a pleasant surprise. His leadership was the stuff of legend. In my life I have had ... Read more about this post

The Re-Education of a “Gearhead” Last Friday (really my “first day on the job”, even though I had only come in to fill out some employment papers), I was invited to sit in on meeting with Gale Banks and a number of members of the engineering staff. My (just-bestowed an hour earlier) title is the lofty “Corporate Publicist” and so, I ... Read more about this post

I’m ready for my close-up or Alpha Male sighting Hollywood is at it again: they’re filming a movie in my neighborhood, but down the street from me. So close, yet so far away. The movie and television companies always seem to do this to me… they tease me knowing full well that I was meant to be immortalized on screen. I personally think that ... Read more about this post

Atom is da Bomb! or How to Distort Your Face in Under Three Seconds I have to tell you all that Ginger Ale is just about my favorite drink… period. It brings back fond memories of days long past. I’ll usually partake in a plastic Dixie cup of Canada Dry’s version of the beverage on business flights, but on recent trip to Oregon I was treated to a Verner’s. ... Read more about this post

Customer Q&A #5 (with Peter Treydte, Banks’ Director of Technical Communications) QUESTION #5: You didn’t directly answer some of my questions, but if I read between the lines, it would appear that there would be no benefit to me to add your upgraded intercooler, (I bought the Six-Gun etc. to tow 15,500 lbs) because the transmission and drivetrain may not take the power of a level 4 ... Read more about this post

Smile, You’re on Candid Camera or You Tubed Some of you nice folks have been asking me “why the heck haven’t you written anything lately?”. The answer: aside from the massive amount of things I have to do on a daily basis… I’ve had writer’s block. I mean I have plenty of ideas for cleaver, witty and informative blogs, but getting the time ... Read more about this post

Customer Q&A #4 (with Peter Treydte, Banks’ Director of Technical Communications) QUESTION #4: I recently had Camping World install a Banks Six-Gun, Speed-Loader with EGT and boost gauges in my 06 Ford F-350 CC SB 6.0L Super Duty P/U. I previously installed the Banks Exhaust system myself. My question relates to the Banks Speed-Loader owners manual. On Page 4, Paragraph 1, 2 and 3. There appears to ... Read more about this post