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More SEMA wrap-up Well, being that I worked the booth most of the time I didn’t get to wander around like I had wanted to. I did meet some great folks who had great questions about our products… and even their own vehicles. One guy came to me a little frustrated and confused saying that the guys in ... Read more about this post

The notes from SEMA: Day 1 or Crazy Town Guess what I’m doing? Gambling? Nope. Checking out the wom… um… sights? Nah! You got it: sitting in my hotel room on a Halloween night in Vegas watching the cinematic great “Catwoman”. Man… isn’t life great? How on Earth did I miss this gem? Read more about this post

Wild Kingdom or Fuzzy Memories: Take 1 Ok… let me start off by saying that one of the things I wanted to do when we first started out with this “blog” thing was to kinda open the vault into the company and the cool stuff we’re doing and planning. A novel idea in theory, but when you do actually do that you ... Read more about this post

WyoTech Happenings In the last couple of weeks there have been two events in which the personalities of Gale Banks Engineering and WyoTech Technical Institute have crossed paths. WyoTech is the leader in education when it comes to hands on training in the areas of Automotive, Diesel, Collision Refinishing and Hot Rod/Custom Vehicle fabrication. Banks has taken ... Read more about this post

Vacation… all I ever wanted? or “Dude, where’s my car?” (Please note: there is a car story here… really.) The word “vacation” has never been one that has meant much to me. Growing up time-off from school or work was an opportunity for my loving family to work on the house, an exercise in perpetual futility. Tear down a wall, build it back up. Paint the ... Read more about this post

Gale Banks. A Household Name?! Hola. Just a little ditty to illustrate how much Banks has been in the media this Summer. It’s been amazing! It has gotten to the point that we’ve even coined a new term for hot rodding it to the max. We’re going to “Banks it.” Nice. In Print… Read more about this post

Alpha Booster or H1: Sith Lord There are certain vehicles that are automatically associated with certain people. Let’s try a few: Batman James Bond Steve McQueen The Green Hornet Get the idea? Now tell me what comes to mind when I say Arnold Schwarzenegger? Hmmm… Read more about this post

23.6 MPG from a Truck that Runs 222 MPH! OK, you haven’t heard from me in a while and I’m going to use the same excuse as everyone else; Power Tour, blah, blah, blah. But since I am doing so, I would like to continue my theme on fuel economy with a report from the Power Tour. As you know, we took five vehicles ... Read more about this post

High School Biodiesel Brain Power There are lots of articles being written about “home-brewed” biodiesel today but I’ve felt that most of these backyard projects getting ink are the automotive equivalent of brewing moonshine. I say this, because while the end result is probably combustible in a diesel engine, the biodiesel fuel produced is not refined and finished to any ... Read more about this post

The World’s First Roadracing Pickup Truck How many of you know that Banks’ Race Shop is building a roadracing truck? Did you know that the truck is going to be diesel powered? That’s right! A diesel powered roadracing truck! And it will be twin-turbocharged! What’s the big deal you say? Well, diesels have several advantages over gasoline. First is mileage. Diesels generally ... Read more about this post