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April Fools – Automotive legend Gale Banks in hot water with NASA! Gale in court under false allegations for April FoolsU.S. Homeland Security descended on Azusa, California Friday to detain an automotive legend for questioning. Read more about this post

Boost Elbow Brilliance: Banks Monster Ram 6.7 Cummins Intake Install Banks Monster-Ram for the 2007-17 Ram 6.7L CumminsFactory intake elbows are restrictive and bottleneck the airflow to your engine. To prolong the life of your engine and maximize its performance, the aftermarket air intake is a great and cost-effective upgrade over stock. Enter the Banks Power Monster Ram intake elbow. What a percentage of truck enthusiasts don’t realize is, with only a few choice modifications, ... Read more about this post

ROQ Crusher Los Angeles, California, “The City of Angels”, is a place where millions of people come to turn their dreams into reality. If you can imagine it, it can happen in LA. Known to fans as “Lightning,” Jay Tilles no stranger to those dreams turned realities. As a longtime resident of Southern California and a radio ... Read more about this post

Changing Times: GM’s Push To Make L5P Duramax Un-Crackable If there’s one thing that can be said about humanity, it’s that we crave the feeling of control. Owning a thing and being responsible for its fate can make us feel important and fulfilled. But in the case of automobiles, things are taking a turn, and GM is leading the way, at least here in ... Read more about this post

Huffin & Puffin Banks Power’s Bolt on TJ Turbo We are such big fans of turbochargers that you might be tired of hearing us talk about them. The fact is that a turbo can be a great way to build more power, and the inline Jeep engines are so overbuilt they can handle boost with no problems. Many people ... Read more about this post

Quick Hit: Banks Power Developing Derringer Tuner For Duramax L5P Derringer shown with the iDash 1.8 Super GaugeThe diesel experts at Banks Power are working hard to get ready for SEMA, and they’re bringing quite a few surprises. We recently caught wind of these surprises from Banks’ Facebook page, where a recent post mentioned developments on the L5P Duramax, along with pictures. We reached out to Gale Banks for comment. “On the L5P, we’re working on a Derringer tuner,” ... Read more about this post

GALE BANKS: THE TITAN OF TURBOS Growing up in SoCal during the post-WWII era was akin to living in a petri dish of hot rod innovation. Dotted across the L.A. metroplex was a cast of pioneers building a performance industry that continues to this day. Alex Xydias SoCal Speed Shop, Ed Iskenderian’s camshafts, Paul Shieffer’s clutches, Dean Moon’s equipment, George Barris’ ... Read more about this post

We Drive the JLTV, the Humvee’s Successor The stronger, faster, and much safer replacement for the popular but vulnerable Humvee is finally here. And we got to drive it. Keep your hands loose on the wheel. I remind myself of this as we fly across a section of foot-deep ruts at 20 mph. You want to let the independent suspension do the work ... Read more about this post

Project Super Duty Part one: Improving the 6.4L Power Stroke for superb usability It’s hard to believe, but the 6.4L Power Stroke is coming up on ten years since it was first released mid-2007. The fully emission-equipped engine was the first to be offered by Ford with the full EGR, DPF, and catalytic converter systems bolted on, and it ... Read more about this post

2008 Chevy 3500HD Dualie KROQ Crusher Here in Southern California there is a little radio station called KROQ that had extremely humble beginnings in the late ’70s in not much more than a converted basement. Over the years and through the various phases of new wave, Brit pop, grunge, and just about anything else that you could file under modern rock ... Read more about this post