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Riding the Big Hoss How Banks Gets More Horses from a Ford F-250 Power Stroke Think of your diesel truck as a sleeping giant. It’s amazing how docile it may seem. But poke it with a stick, and you’ll really rile that truck into action. That’s been the approach of Gale Banks, who’s pulled more power out of diesel engines ... Read more about this post

Banks Goes Camping Camping World is a nationwide certified dealer and installer of Banks Power Systems. Camping World is a nationwide certified dealer and installer of Banks Power Systems. Camping World technicians have been trained and certified through an extensive Banks educational program for high-quality standards and to bring the RV experience to a whole new level. In addition ... Read more about this post

Turbodiesel Tow Rigs To Go No wonder diesel light truck sales have nearly tripled in only 10 years! Well, that was then. Today’s turbodiesels are much quieter than those of even a few years ago. Have you heard a diesel lately? If you haven’t, it’s because the clatter (and the smoke) is virtually gone.We all know the scenario. You’re on the ... Read more about this post

Turnkey Power In Your Mailbox Guide to Crate Engines & Blocks What it is: Next-Generation Complete Twin-Turbo 366ci small-block engines Some details: They have CNC-machined aluminum front assemblies and low-profile aluminum air plenums with Banks’ exclusive shuttle valve technology. Oh, and…: As delivered, the engines are capable of 1,100 hp. What it’ll cost you: Retail price is $37,995. Also: They are fully assembled, balanced, and ... Read more about this post

Mastering Teamwork at the Baja 1000 Banks Power teams up with Kent Kroeker and his KORE racing Dodge Ram. It was 2 a.m. and we were closing fast on the remote village of El Arco, still over 100 miles from our second pit. We’d been strapped in our seats for over 13 hours. The dust plume from the buggy in front of ... Read more about this post

Banks’ Duramax BIG HOSS INSTALL Instant Muscle-Truck In A Box The latest generation of General Motors Duramax turbodiesels, designated LLY, are taking the truck world by storm. Even in stock form, they do everything right: They’re quiet and powerful, they have plenty of torque, and they’re fast. The LLY Duramax diesel is so hot dealers can’t keep them in stock. This ... Read more about this post

Truck & SUV Super Tuners Performance. It’s Not Just for Cars. There are millions of truck and sport-utility-vehicle owners out there unwilling to sacrifice performance in the name of versatility. Thanks to the wonderful world of the aftermarket, they don’t have to accept what the manufacturer has to offer. There is a veritable smorgasbord of super tuners ready to help owners ... Read more about this post

Banks’ Intercooler For Third Generation Trucks When Banks Engineering came out with an intercooler for the Third Generation trucks my first thought was, “Why?” Peter gave me a tour of their product development department. I am always amazed at the ever-changing landscape within that department. I’ll tell ya, I felt like a kid in a candy store. The staff at Banks looks ... Read more about this post

H.O 6.0 Banks Big Hoss Bundle for 6.0L Diesel Fords One of the great experiences of life everyone should…well…experience is the power rush of a modern-day modified diesel. Once outfitted appropriately with proper-flowing exhaust, intake, and electronics programmed for maximum fuel delivery, a diesel will have the response of a gas engine but with two or three times ... Read more about this post

The Engine of the Future: Here Now It’s an exciting time to be involved in high performance diesel. It’s an exciting time to be involved in high-performance diesel. For the past few decades, I was virtually alone in my quest to build high-performance diesels. Now that turbodiesel-powered trucks are selling like hotcakes, the market is flooded with companies selling diesel performance products. I ... Read more about this post