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How to Buy a Used Super Duty Tips and trivia about Ford’s big pickup Super Duty. The name itself conjures images of one helluva tough truck, right? Ever since Ford unleashed it on the world back in 1998 (has it only been that long?), the Super Duty has quickly become a favorite among hard-core truck users. It’s easy to understand why. In a world ... Read more about this post

Give Me A Brake Banks Engineering turns its attention from “Go” power to “Whoa” power with a new exhaust brake lineThe Grapevine. It’s a section of California’s Interstate 5 north of Los Angeles, that snakes its way through the mountains like an asphalt serpent—miles of undulating interstate with 6-percent grades, wind gusts that sometimes are strong enough to topple ... Read more about this post

Big Red Banks PowerPack system boosted the engine’s output by more than 100 horsepower on this ’95 F-250… In some ways, Jason McKrill, of Elkhart, Indiana, is no different from anyone else. He’s built his deep-red ’95 F-250 to be a perfect reflection of what he thinks a great four-wheeler ought to be. Where he is different, though, ... Read more about this post

Spring Break Diesel Upgrades Installation & evaluation of Banks Sidewinder turbo system on a 6.2L diesel Blazer. With the Banks system, the exhaust from the manifold on the driver side flows forward (towards the radiator) around the front of the engine to meet up with the new passenger-side manifold. This crossover tucks up along the oil pan of the engine ... Read more about this post

Boosting Potential An informative look at “unraveling the mystery of turbocharging.” About a half-hour after the invention of the internal combustion engine, somebody figured out that it would make more power if the intake air could be forced into the engine rather than sucked in by the down stroke of the piston. Since then, hot rodders have been ... Read more about this post

Chat with Gale Banks Gale himself fields many Power & Performance questions during a live chat on JLester : Almost time … Gale Banks : We are here. JLester : Hey guys. I just posted the links for everyone else. PeterT : I logged in, but I don’t really intend to interject Gale Banks : As Homer Simpson says, “woo-hoo!” JLester : No one’s ... Read more about this post

’94-97 PowerStroke Product Review: Gale Banks Engineering’s PowerPack System For The ’94-’97 Ford 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel. Recently I had the rare privilege of meeting a man that can only be defined as a true “Rocket Scientist.” Not one of those Coke bottle bottom be-spectacled types that lurks in the basements at NASA or Area 51, and builds ... Read more about this post

Kickin’ Gas! Evaluation of OttoMind TLC features in Banks Power systems for Cummins 24-valve trucks Banks Engineering takes a systematic approach to power enhancement. Rather than buy a little of this from one supplier, and a little of that from another, and hoping the products will work together, Banks offers a proven combination. The advantage is obvious. You ... Read more about this post

V-10 PowerPack Road-test and dyno evaluation of Banks PowerPack for Ford 6.8L V-10 Class-A motorhomes Note: This article represents information on the ’97-05 V-10 Power Pack. Please contact a Banks Power Consultant for information specific to other years/configurations. V-10 Power Pack® Gale Banks’ performance enhancements give Ford’s big Triton engine room to breathe When you own a Class A motorhome, ... Read more about this post

Hair Dryer Horsepower Feature on Banks PowerPack and Stinger-Plus systems for new generation Ford Power Strokes The Banks PowerPack® System consists of the following components: • Techni-Cooler intercooler: Provides maximum boost air density, while reducing boost pressure loss to a minimum. It also provides improved airflow to the engine by 18 percent and improves density recovery by as much as ... Read more about this post