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Hair Dryer Horsepower Feature on Banks PowerPack and Stinger-Plus systems for new generation Ford Power Strokes The Banks PowerPack® System consists of the following components: • Techni-Cooler intercooler: Provides maximum boost air density, while reducing boost pressure loss to a minimum. It also provides improved airflow to the engine by 18 percent and improves density recovery by as much as ... Read more about this post

Truck Stop Banks PowerPack for Cummins 24-valve diesel trucks. Testing was conducted on a Mustang chassis dynamometer at Gale Banks Engineering.   Here’s the difference between the stock intake and the Banks High Ram tube on the PowerPack® system. Note the larger tube and less restrictive air path.   The intake tube shown on this engine is a prototype unit. The new ... Read more about this post

Caressing the Cummins 24-Valve Test and install of Banks PowerPack for Dodge/Cummins 24-valve turbo-diesel trucks If a Lot Is Good, Even More Must Be Better—Torque, That Is Dodge pickups with the 1998 and up 24-valve Cummins engine run strong right off the dealer’s lot, but for many that’s not a good enough reason to settle for the factory performance. Besides, as ... Read more about this post

Project Blazer Installation and test of Banks Sidewinder turbo for Chevy/GM 6.2L diesel trucks It’s been said that there’s no good excuse for a naturally aspirated diesel in a light truck. While you can get away with it at sea level, the difference in power between a turbo and nonturbo diesel is like the difference between a V-6 ... Read more about this post

Salt Shaker Gale Banks Engineering’s 1988 Pontiac Trans Am is the World’s Fastest Street Machine By John Baechtel On a station somewhere near the three-mile marker you see it long before you hear it. Racing across the pure white horizon, a small red dot speeds crazily toward you, pursued by a pearlescent plume of salt spray. Then, like distant ... Read more about this post

Super Trans Am The world’s fastest street car? At nearly 300 feet per second, the world looks as if it’s being shot at you from a cannon. Looking far into the distance doesn’t help much: objects barely in sight one instant are behind you the next. The scenery blurs as it approaches the car, miraculously spreading and flowing around ... Read more about this post

Pusher Power Road-test and dyno evaluation of Banks PowerPack for Cummins B5.9 diesel motorhomes Banks PowerPack® induction system puts a lot more punch into the Cummins B5. The Cummins B5.9 turbodiesel has become a popular engine for powering motorhomes. Available in a number of horsepower and torque configurations, this diminutive power plant is thought of as “the little engine ... Read more about this post

Proven Diesel Power Test and install of Banks PowerPack for Dodge/Cummins 12-valve turbo-diesel trucks We’ve all run across performance products that are claimed to make tremendous power gains—sometimes too tremendous to believe. However, you can believe what you hear in the case of the diesel PowerPack kits from Gale Banks Engineering, specifically the kits for the Dodge Cummins turbodiesel ... Read more about this post

Product Review: Banks Power Upgrade Dodge/Cummins 5.9L 12-valve turbo-diesel trucks Banks Stinger®-Plus System We get quite a stack of email here at RVers Online. Since we’re a completely non-commercial site and consistently refuse paid advertising, we occasionally sense that some of our readers’ comments praising a particular campground, product, or service might have been sent along with the hopes we’d publish the ... Read more about this post

Steroids by Banks Dodge/Cummins 5.9L 12-valve turbo-diesel trucks Neary undetectable once installed, the improved turbine housing that’s part of the Stinger-Plus and PowerPack® systems does its fair share of helping the packages work. Better throttle response comes naturally with this carefully designed upgrade, in addition to better flow, and hence performance. Steroids By Banks We used to think the Dodge Ram ... Read more about this post