Banks Power - Products

Tuners, intakes, exhausts, differential covers and more.

Banks Power offers a full line of Performance Products for your vehicle.

Every product produced by Banks power is an outcome of countless man-hours of engineering, design, and testing. Our engineers run continuous-load-capable chassis dynos, state-of-the-art flowbench testing and take our products on the road for real-world testing with the Banks patented DynaFact® data acquisition equipment. And we’re not talking a quick run down the street, we mean grueling runs through the mountains with over 6-7% grades and long hard hauls into the high desert. Whether engineering a complete system, or a simple air intake, Banks does it right!

Banks’ Product Benefits:

  • » Engineered systems for sport, work & race
  • » Air density maximized for  continuous power
  • » Enormous HP & torque gains
  • » Better fuel economy & lower EGTs
  • » Restrictions removed for improved breathing
  • » System components engineered to work together
  • » Street products are 50 State emissions compliant.†

*Performance Varies by application. †All street products are CARB E.O. certified or in process, unless marked as Race Only.

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